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Palmistry Research Center Man is working, but if he is lucky enough, he lives a successful life. Many times while doing his work his luck is not favourable. At that time he is needed to see when his luck will be favourable. We see our horoscope accurately through palmistry. Indications about past incidents in life and future difficulties are get through palmistry. We can guess the future opportunities also. It is possible to overcome future difficulties. We can explain from seeing the hand what education our children should get. According it is easy for children to make planning. They get success earlier with this. We can explain from line on hand whether son or daughter will adjust themselves to each other? Diseases are detected through micro lines on the hand. Study of psychology takes place very well after seeing the hand. In addition children who have less intelligence are find out through line on hand and it helped to treat them properly to develop their intelligence. Criminal Attitude is also understood after seeing the hand. Guidance about profession is also got. Indications of future crisis is got from line of hand. While judging the hand, the period of incidents can be decided. Accurate guessing about the period of any incident and at which age it will take place has done from the lines on hand. For example, if tour to foreign or job promotion, accident and marriage are shown on hand, then it is stated that when they would be happened and at which age. Period can be guessed after taking the marks of hand. Know your past, present and future as per your age by judging your hand. If you want to see how your hand will be judged, then see Sample Plan Reading.

Palmist – Anil Kumavat