1.Both hands are Observed agewise.The Past,Present,future is analysed depending upon your age.

Price -Rs.2500(India) - USD 50 (Outside India)

2.Detail Analysis

The reprot will provide you insights in to all the facets of your life including health,finance,family life ,career,romance and marriage having analyzed your palm.Exhaustively on various parameters,remedies will also be suggested to you.

Price - Rs.5000 (India) - USD 100 (Outside India)

3.Palmistry is also helpful for a bride and bridegroom who are getting married, to know their future together

Together there life will be successful or not,Remiedies to that is also suggested by us or successful life. 

Price Rs. 4000 (India) -USD 75(outside India).


Please send me some clear images of your hands. You can send either photocopies, photos inkprints Scan or images sent by e-mail

A Clear images of your right Hand by minimum 8 to 10 Megapixel camera or mobile because The quality is important as I will need to be able to analyze the finger hand lines as well.

Through Digital Camera or Mobile
Three different Copies
A Clear image of Left hand
One Copy
A Clear image of both hands placed together like this
One Copy
A Clear image showing the profile of the left side of the dominant hand (Both hands)
Each one copy
A Clear Photo of Thumb like this
Each one copy
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